Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The name has been chosen! Our identity is firm! Our designation is now permanent.

Once upon a time, we were known far and wide by the name: The Sparkleball Death Bunnies. Eventually, this frivolity displeased us, so then we switched to: These Precedes Knees. That name never quite caught on. After that, we lit upon more of a catch-all description: A Group Of Writers Who Want To Write Good And Get Published And Do Other Things Good As Well... or AGOWWWTWGAGPADOTGAW for short, but honestly, we found that nom de plume a tad unwieldy. We briefly considered Gonorrhea, but, due to society's apparently overwhelmingly bad associations, that name was tossed aside. I then lobbied the group for Council of Werewolves, but failed to convince them of its obvious and inherent awesomeness. In the end, we settled, somewhat uneasily I think, upon: The Scribblers. But somehow... it just wasn't right...

Now those days are done. The dark days are over and we emerge renewed, refreshed, and newly christened as a group. Our name has been chosen and a site has been picked. From hence forth and from now on, you may call us:


And you may find us here

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