Friday, September 18, 2009

I intend to watch Fringe...

Just a little FYI for all of you out there, in case you think you might want to join me.

A little backstory to 'splain:

Fringe is a show created by a list of people, who's products I generally do not enjoy, who are responsible for the TV show Alias (stupid) and movies Cloverfield (really stupid) and the latest Star Trek (thumbs up), and the show's somewhat broad and a bit unfair elevator-pitch is: X-files meets the Twilight Zone with a splash of comic books.

So, when Fringe's first season played last year, I was excited by the concept, intrigued by some of the rumors, and apathetic for reasons that, if you know me and those references above, should be patently obvious. I watched the first... lets say five episodes, but I'm really bad about catching things on TV regularly these days, unless they play alot, like say Cops or Jail or those day-time Judge shows, so eventually, I missed a few episodes and then... well... it's supposed to be a continuity based show and I really hate missing parts of the story, so I just quit watching.

Also, while I did generally like what I saw, which was basically some good, weird sci-fi, that was backed by some very slickly produced, but not overly flashy action and FX, and populated with a couple of good characters and concepts, I was still more than a little concerned by the small, but very detectable odor of a possible X-files type of storytelling going on. This specific show type is, of course, the classic: All questions, no answers... forever and ever. Kind of like the way they started out with Lost. All tricks and sleight of hand, no substance. All show, no go, you know?

Anyway, I definitely didn't want any part of that. Also, there's only so many Monster-of-the-week episodes I can take in a row before I walk away. I like the long continuity, you see. That's why I show up. I like having to pay attention to stuff and remember it for later. That's what I like. It's what interests me. That's why I never watch Law and Order or CSI: wherever. I like the big, involved story and the slow character development over time. I like the Novel, not the short story, and in those first few episodes, Fringe seemed like it could go either way. So, I've been waiting.

Finally, the DVD set was just recently released and I read this among the various bits of press out there: Beware Spoilers

And now... well... now I am suddenly very interested.

The reason I'm telling you all this, as I stated above, is because I intend to watch the DVD set and then come here and talk about the show. This is my plan. If you want to join in... get to watchin'.

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