Monday, August 3, 2009

Wild Things

Spike Jonze has long been working on a film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic tale of a mischievous young boy in a wolf suit, of his dreamy journey to a far-off island, and his time among the monsters and wild things, but the movie has been plagued with problems. There was trouble with the CGI that was used for the Wild Things' faces. There also seemed to be a lot of studio interference and foot-dragging due to their fear that they won't be able to recoup any of their money at the box office, because according to all the early screening reports, Jonze has not made a happy-go-lucky suburban family film, one that could be easily marketed for Christmas with sugary breakfast cereals and plush toys, no, instead it appears as if he has made a dark and fantastic film, a scary film, one that is richly imaginative and oddly accessible, in short: an 80 million dollar art film.

Whispers and rumors have chased this film's tail for a long time now, with only bare glimpses given to satisfy, and finally... finally... now, here is the trailer.

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Isabella said...

i love this book - i still have your copy. and i just sent one to hayden for his fifth birthday on august 15th.