Friday, August 21, 2009


I realized last night that I never actually touched on any of my opinions concerning all these movies I was looking forward to seeing after having seen some of them, which just didn’t seem right. After all, given the massive swamp of poo that has flowed like a mighty river from movie screens all across the country this summer, the few and far between bright spots I have encountered more than deserve a little bit of accolades. Basically what I’m saying here is, I have recently seen two really good films this summer and I wanted to pass that news on to all you good folks out there in the hopes that you might consider supporting them upon your next outing. If you havn't already, that is.

So... to begin:

District 9

If you haven’t seen this yet, I have to ask: Why do you read my blog? You obviously don’t like geek stuff, because otherwise you’d be all over this film like Christopher Johnson on Fancy Feast. In a nutshell: It’s awesome. In a large nutshell: It is SUPER awesome. See it once. See it twice. Then see it again. You should do this not only because the film is awesome-ness squared, but also because it happens to be well written and imaginative, both in set-up and execution. It delivers on the visceral level, as well as the cerebral. Also, this film only cost $30 million to make (not counting marketing). And I know, I know… $30 million is still a lot, but not when viewed against the average summer movie budget. Plus, by all reports, it was made with very little interference by the Studio system, so… not only was this film left alone and given it’s creative freedom, which resulted in a great product, but it did it at half the cost to boot! Achievements like that should be supported, nay! Must. Plus there’s giant robot fighting suits and lightning guns that make people explode! SPLAT!

Hurt Locker

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Not as bloody as District 9 or exploitive of it’s current setting either, surprisingly, this film really seems to lack any kind of real political screed at all. No, instead, this film is all tension from beginning to end. Good tension. Involving tension. The type of tension where you can’t look away because the characters are people you’ve gotten to know and, as a result, fear for their safety, because you’ve already been shown how close to dead these guys are the whole time they're at work. Even better, the film also shies away from trying to Action-ize the story. There’s no tangible bad guy or maniacal plot or final face to face show down between the heroic white guy and the very, very evil brown guy. In a way, this movie actually put me in the mind of Das Boot, because much like that film, this one is set during a war, but really it’s more about a group of guys doing an extremely difficult job in the most unforgiving of places and the bonds they form as a result, not only between each other, but the situation they labor under. It's about thankless tasks and doing what needs to be done, but not in a hollow, red-neck kind of way. And it's about the toll such a life can take on a person. It's very good. And the disarming scenes are fantastic. They crawl by while you tighten up in your seat. Fantastic. I really enjoyed it. And Jeremy Renner, the lead guy, apparently he is right now in the running to play Max in the next Mad Max film… which would be cool.

I don’t want to tell you too much more, you’ve got to go see them yourself. Look, just trust me. Go. Both of these films are totally worth your time. I mean, for Christ’s sake, most of you went to fucking Transformers and you probably paid full price too, you know you did, don't lie, it made like a ga-billion dollars … so, don’t come here and try to pretend like you have discerning tastes at this point… Trust me. These are good. You should see them.

Just go.


Marshall Banana said...

Wow Jon, you are really getting in the swing of things. I lose my internet for only a week and it's like I missed a month's worth of posts.

I have got to say I agree with you on almost everything you have said so far about District 9, Hurt Locker and Avatar. There was once a time when that wouldn't have been true i.e. Indiana Jones 4 (man was I wrong you really won that argument). Though I am hoping for something alittle more than bleh from James Cameron. I think he is like that old man who just discovered the internet and is raving about how email is going to be the way that the net generation communicates even though we have already moved onto instant messaging. It's sad really, he should stick to what he know's.

What do you think of Edgar Wrights new movie that's comming out, Scott Pilgrim vs the World?

Jon said...

What can I say? I felt chatty...

Don't forget: I was also right about Transformers.

I love the Scott Pilgrim comic book. You would too. It's all video game and comic book references, with occasional kung fu fights.

The weird part is: it's not finished yet, and it's pretty long, so I'm not sure how they can fit it all into one movie, however, like James Cameron, Edgar Wright is someone I am willing to give some lee-way to beased upon track record

Marshall Banana said...

I have read all the comics (eagerly waiting for the last one). And I think if anyone can do this justice, its going to be Edgar Wright. If you check out his blog he post's a picture from the set everyday and it looks pretty fucking amazing so far.

Jon said...

Yeah, I've seen some, but I don't want to spoil it, so I've been avoiding the posts.