Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up...

Hey all you update fans, stand up and clap your hands!

Gunslingers of the Apocalypse:

I am burning like a house'a-fire, kids. Kicking ass, laying rubber, taking names, yadda, yadda, yadda. Rocking. The Hometown Twin Star Copy Editor Sukiyaki Death Squad Girl says pages are imminent, final pages, that is. WOOOOO!

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, Little Ms. Super-cute Fiance has finished the last minute, final round sweep up of any copy edits I might have missed from the Twin Stars's suggestions on the first three chapters, otherwise known as the submission sample chapters, and has since then decided to go through the rest of the book as well. I can't thank these ladies enough, their freely given time, attention, and dedication has been more helpful than I can possibly put into words, for you see, my Gentle and Constant Readers, as you can probably tell from my blogs, I could give two fucks about Grammar, and apparently, it shows. The difference their efforts make, however, is glaringly obvious once you're standing on the other side of the implementation of their edits, and my work is undeniably better for it.

So, if I do not say it nearly enough (which I don't), allow me to declare it publicly: Thank you, thank you, thank you, so very, very much for all the invaluable help, ladies. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and that while I can never truly express the depths of my gratitude, I hope someday I get the chance to show you even the barest sliver of the support in return, that you have shown me. I am in your debt. Thank you.

AND... the upside of all this is, of course, we are now only a week, maybe two, away from Q day, folks. Less than 14 days, people! Less than 14 days! Can you believe that shit? 14 days! After three years time? It's unbelievable. It's the end of a long road, my friends, one that, for good or for ill, is finally within my sight. I mean, sure, once I start submitting to agents and houses, yes, there is more to do, of course, I know that, but for all intents and purposes... the book is done.


I have finished it.

Three years.

In less than two weeks.

I'm done and the next level begins.

I shake with anticipation.

Bastard out of Minnesota

This has been on hold a bit as of late, its been back-burner-ed, as they say, while I turn about with Gunslingers, put up all the tray tables, return the seats to their full and upright position, and prepare to bring it in for a final approach. The good news is, I'm feeling pretty confident with how the next couple chapters of Bastard go, not to mention how the initial ones came out, and, even better, recently I was struck with two really good linking ideas. One is for this book and one is for stringing into the next. I was really excited to think of/realize both of these, they're pretty good, or at least, they're potentially pretty good. I'm pretty sure I've written them down, but in case I didn't and they manage to evaporate from my head, here's some clues for myself: (Family/Gary)

That should be enough reminder.

Anyway, I hope to have some time to finish up chapter two in a week or so, hopefully in time for submission to my writer's group. I think we're called the Scribblers now, but I think it's still kind of undecided. We used to be Sparkle Ball Death Bunnies and before that, These Precedes Knees, we are, if nothing else, transient about our identity, apparently. Personally, I'm still holding out hope for Council of Werewolves, or maybe Gonorrhea, for obvious reasons, I think, mostly related to the eventual time when we can make other people say our name out loud somewhere public, hopefully at something official-ish. Sometimes you have to plan your jokes a bit ahead, you know.

The Conspiracy

No news. I e-mailed Zander about broaching the idea of writers working in with the group of artists in a kind of practice, fun, no strings attached kind of way, but I haven't heard back. I know he's busy and probably getting busier, too, his work seemed to be picking up more and more these days and he's also teaching his course at the Loft again (you should try it, if you're interested. It's really good and fun.), so it's understandable.

Sadly, though, I might have to face facts that maybe, for the moment, my comic book practice/hopeful experiment is dead. Honestly, though, I haven't been pursuing it too hard lately as I've been a bit distracted with wrapping other shit up, but my general plan is, once I'm on the other side of Gunslingers, I'll swing back into it. However, there may not be anything I can really do about it. Zander's is pretty cool and accommodating and so are a lot of the folks there, but I suspect there's a hold up, and more than a little push back, from some in the group over this idea (or maybe I'm just paranoid, I have been accused of it before...). But anyway, the sad truth is, sometimes geeks just plain ol' don't like new stuff and sometimes, occasionally, in these types of things, be it with artists, writers, musicians, strippers, whatever, you run into a type that, despite the fact that they are unknown or at best nothing more than a glorified hobbyist, they have a very inflated sense of professional value attached to their time/work.

It's like: "Look man, I just want to play around abit, figure stuff out, you know, practice the craft a bit. I'm not looking to create anything to show around or anything, (and lord knows, you could use the practice, as well, buddy...)."

And they're like: "I don't want to work for free..."

Work for free?

Motherfucker, who gave you the idea that your crap is worth a shit, bitch?

This is why you are still half-assedly jamming in the basement, man, occasionally playing the Entry on an off night, or showing your lame black and white photography at a friend's back-alley "punk" salon. These are the type of people who don't take criticism well, who don't think they need it, or that the fault lies in others, these are people who think they're done after the first draft. These people are the Self-publishers (shudder).

Or maybe I'm just over-reacting because of my own easily paranoid and overly analytical personality... but I doubt it... (shakes fist menacingly at passer-by)... keep walking, buddy...


This film is on my mind still. Mostly because of funny stuff, like here, but also because everything that has happened so far has only been the pre-game shit. The geek community is just the initial wave, the big stuff is still coming. The movie comes out in four months. How will Fox recover from the initial stumbles? How will they try to sell this to the Normals? And they really need to if they hope to make ANY profit at all. I'm not the only one curious, either, you'll find folks all over the Internet sharing their anecdotes of how they showed the trailer to their various Normal friends and relatives, to people of various levels of taste, and then listed their variety of responses.

So, I kind of did the same...

My mother wrote me and said: "I think the avatar trailer looks good. Except the girlfriend is not cute... except to another avatar." Of course, in the name of science, it should also be stated that my Mother still uses both hands, her index fingers, and a very, very careful aim whenever using the TV remote, despite my assurances that it is not, in fact, a phaser.

So then, not satisfied with just one neo-phyte response for my half-ass little survey, I busted in on Little Ms. Super-cute Fiance while she was shaving her legs in the bath and then annoyed her until she eventually agreed to watch the trailer. She watched it closely, her face impassive and finally shrugged.

"I couldn't tell what it was about." She said, uninterested. "Shut the door, I'm getting cold."

"I don't want the laptop to get all steamy and wet. So, anyway, the story appears to be, basically, Dances with Wolves in space, see this is..." I started the trailer over again.

"I don't need to see it again. Honey, shut the..."

"Quiet down, this is important. See, this is Jake Scully, he's in a wheelchair..."

"Important to what?"

"...posterity. Shush. See, he's in a wheelchair..."

"I'm not going to this unless you make me."

"But what do you think of the Avatars?"

"The what?"

"The blue people... come on, keep up."

She shrugged. "They look kind of dumb. Shut the door, I'm cold."

Now, obviously, Little Ms. Super-cute Fiance's priorities are slightly out of whack and she isn't much of a film buff, or even a geek, for that matter. However, she will on occasion have sudden, strong, and surprisingly hardcore geek tendencies, like the time she said to me, unprompted and out of the blue: "Do you know what my favorite Doctor Who episode is?"

I know!

I tried to explain to her just how many rungs of geekdom she leapt past in her plummet down the rabbit hole, but I'm not sure she was quite able to grasp it.

Anyway, it was the Family of Blood two-parter from the third season... FYI.

So there you have it. How will these responses fall in with the rest of the world's? We'll soon find out. Stay tuned, True Believers.

Also, remember how I was saying that there was something about the Avatar face that really, really bugged me? Well...



the library bird said...

Im verklempt from your thank you paragraph.. Love you lots!

Isabella said...

i only use one index finger. i hate tv. it used to be so easy to watch tv. but i love you.

Shawn Enderlin said...

in regards to gunslingers: Q day - rock on!
in regards to bastard: dude, when do I get to see that shit?
in regards to conspiracy: they want to get paid? wtf?
in regards to self-publishing: you know i'm enamored with the idea - but there has to be an audience, which there really isn't on the comic front. so, here's a rather mild fuck you in the ass for dissing my enamoration. ;-)
in regards to avatardation: Picture A: short black Cost Cutters hair. Picture B: Artsy $300 hair. Who's the alien?

Jon said...

Shawn -

1. Thanks

2. Soon

3. I think some of them believe there's only two states of being: doodling or creating an independant comic for the purpose of sale, on your own or to a company. Some also seem to believe it's just that easy.

4. Your interest in self-publishing is much different from the type I'm referring to here, so, sorry for the toe-steppage.

5. Who indeed?

Jon said...

Mama -

You only use one index finger NOW...

Jon said...

Library bird -

You deserve much more.