Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello there!

Long-a time-a, no-a see-a!

That, by the way, is how you type in a Norwegian accent.

The worst part about some of these long pauses here, between my blogs, is that I haven’t necessarily been all that busy. Oh sure, I’ve watched several TV shows and I’ve read more than my fair share of comic books lately, oh yeah, I’ve been doing some stuff, but none of it is what I would classify as: busy. Nope, I’ve just been working, sleeping, doing a little writing here and there, and generally hanging out. And watching a couple of movies, that too, but mostly, I’ve just been working. And nobody wants that. That’s just depressing, right? Going to work and while you’re there, actually doing work? What the eff, eh?

So, today, being the dreaded double job day and all (Wednesday), I decided to take it a little easy on myself. I’ve decided to kick back, relax and chat with you, my blog friends, about one of my favorite subjects… Me. I think it’s nice, you know, to circle back, every now and again, to what was the original inspiration of this blog (myself) and spend some time there. Who is this Jon? What makes him tick? What’s he been up to lately? How do I get to know him? Questions as old as the Internet… So, if the possibility of answers to some, or perhaps all, of these questions tantalizes you in any way, well then, you simply must read on, my friends, for those very answers, and more, may possibly be contained within.

And so it goes…

To the Update-mobile!

Gunslingers of the Apocalypse:

The Hometown Twin Star Copy Editor Sukiyaki Death Squad Girl is currently circling the drain of being almost done with the edits in the bathtub of my Novel writing world. Meanwhile, Little Ms. Super-cute Fiancé has begun the final, final pass on the hunt for grammar edit minutiae in the first three chapters, as requested by me, in case I missed something noted in the previous checks.

This is all being done in the name of preparation for my sending out of samples to the plethora of Agents that I will soon be querying with the inevitable advent of Q Day, which, I am very, very pleased to announce, has finally begun to crest the horizon. Closer and closer, people, it draws ever closer and closer. The air crackles with excitement and anticipation here at Casa La My House, the kitties’ tails are poofy and twitching, and I am busy, feverishly preparing a spread sheet of Agent names, contact information, and submission requirements. This sheet is going to be useful, not only to track the statuses of my various submissions, but will also serve as one of the focal points for my, no doubt, massive amount of neurosis to pour into, that will surface once this process has begun. I imagine I will spend hours there, staring at it... The other focal point for my all-consuming nervous energy will be, of course…

Bastard out of Minnesota:

(Or Bastard Outta Minnesota… Preference? I can’t decide…) Anyway, I’m working on the second chapter and I can feel the pages starting to break, like a big wave rising out of the surf, looming high and casting me in deep shadow. I’ve been distracted by all of the GotA submission preparations as of late (Eh? Eh? Check that acronym out… neat!), but I’ve recently committed to a writing schedule of sorts again and I can feel future chapters behind my eyes, all bunched up and ready to spill out of my head, so that’s exciting.

The Conspiracy:

Zander Cannon went to SDCC (That’s San Diego Comic Con to all you Non-Geek Plebes out there…), but last we talked, things had been discussed concerning waters being tested among the artists as to whether or not some of them would want to work on sequential art with a writer in a more structured, but without any commitment, kind of way. He should be back from there soon-ish (now-ish?), so hopefully something will work out, as the next meeting is next Thursday.

Scarlett Johansson:


And finally… Powder Blue.

Powder Blue, you ask? For the love of everything that is holy, Jon, what is that?

What is Powder Blue? What is Powder Blue? Well, my friends, Powder Blue is a little movie about a night at a strip club or something... it doesn't really matter... because it is a movie that is out on DVD right now, and it is one where Jessica Biel gets butt-naked.

…You’re welcome.

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