Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Man... fucking work, you know?

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, kids. See, the Day Prison has been keepin' me pretty busy with doing stuff as of late. You know... hammering out License Plates, mopping the Cellblock, shanking... in a word: Busy! Which is, as all of you are no doubt aware of by now, NOT the way I prefer things to go. I am a Dire Straights man, dig? Money for nothing and my chicks for free. It has become strikingly obvious to me, in these last few months as a straight citizen, that the Man apparently loves nothing better than pissing on me, regardless of my own personal feelings on the subject, because here I am again, slaving away, another day, another $0.13!

Truly, the Corporate world is a hard and uncaring world.

Also, why is Free Doughnut Day the same day as Casual Friday? (Friday) Why not spread it out a little? Our rewards here at the Day Prison are so few and far between as it is, so why dump all of them on a single day? It just seems mean, to force all of us to slog through this empty, dusty and gray wastelands that is Monday through Thursday in our cubicle hell, with only the meager light of a free doughnut and a pair of jeans to give us hope and to sustain our spirits on our way toward our Weekend Furloughs. Why not have Free Doughnut Day on Wednesday or better yet, even, right now? In fact, lets just get down to brass tacks here, where the fuck is my Free Fucking Doughnut!?!

Le sigh...

So anyway, still here, still me, taking what they're giving cause I'm working for a living. I am at just over a hundred-ish pages left on Gunslingers of the Apocalypses, humming along like a herd of very determined turtles, plus, I have also beaten a pretty good new version of Chapter One of Bastard out of Minnesota into shape that I will be submitting to the Sparkleball Deathbunnies for critique. Not for this next meeting, of course, but for the meeting after, as we are already loaded up with the first 75 pages of Lisa's second draft, which is slated for review this coming time.

Did I tell you about Lisa's book? Its pretty good. Its about a Bear Girl who is turned into a Human Girl and is sent by the High Council of Animals out into the World of Humans in order to determine what to do about the "Human Problem." She is guided on her mission by the help of three Child Philosophers, who can travel between her world and the Apocalyptic wasteland they live in, by writing their names into the trio of leather bound books they have been using to follow the Bear Girl's adventures in, all because of Spider Magic, who's webs support reality. Also, the story is, at least partially, narrated by a sentient Potato... Its pretty awesome.

So, we'll be busy doing that...

Wedding plans progress, they hurtle ever onward and to that inevitable day. We've got a Hall, so that's a good start. Only 361 days to go.

Also... What the hell?

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