Friday, June 19, 2009

Slow and low, that is my tempo


You see, the last few weeks (months) I have really faltered with my blogging, folks, I know this. I admit it. I lament it. Truly, truly, truly. Now, I've managed to cling to a bi-weekly schedule in the intervening weeks, but that is very obviously a pale shadow of the output that once was. I look with envy upon Scott Brown's continued efforts and topic variation (to geeks anyway), and while I don't think I'll be able to compete with him any time in the near future due to a deadly mix of busy scheduling, outside focuses, spending some quality time with Little Ms. Super-cute Fiancee, and other demands, not to mention a general malaise of apathy and laziness, I do intend to step it up a notch here.

Dare I aim for three blogs a week? Gasp! Perhaps even including a bonus blog from home rather than exclusively blogging from deep within the darkened bowels of the Day Prison? Dare I?

We shall see. Small steps, my friends, small steps.

Anyway, now comes the Updates, wherein I describe to you, my gentle and constant readership, of the details and progress of my daily toils and endeavors.

Gunslingers of the Apocalypse:

Never fucking ending, man, I tell you.

Actually, that's not true, it just feels like it sometimes. I received a fresh batch of pages from the Local Twin Star Copy Editor Sukiyaki Death Squad Girl this week, while her West Coast version is meeting up with me tonight. Both of them are doing me an incredible favor and are returning even more incredibly in-depth work. I am in their debt. Plus, I can now see the end of this project ahead and it is a shining golden heaven, I swear, folks, it is beautiful. Soon, so very, very soon, the queries will begin to flow forth from me and sail out into the ether where they will sink or swim by their own merits.

An intimidating thought, to say the least.

Also, you know what I've heard a lot of lately both from Authors and from what I've read while investigating possible Agents to query? E-mail submissions are the shit now. Snail mail is as dead as the Dodo, as in almost zero-response-ville, Daddy-o. The crazy part of all this is now: A. NO ONE will accept attached submissions, for fear of viruses, so everything gets posted into the e-mail's body. And B. Despite this, everyone still seems to be sticking with the age old formatting guidelines. I mean, I guess I will too, but what's the point of carefully sculpting your missive, sweating blood and bullets over a 1 page Query Letter, if it's just going to get pasted into an e-mail, mashed together into a big pile with your synopsis and sample?

Oh well... We shall see, won't we? Yes, we shall. We shall indeed.

Bastard out of Minnesota:

In a word: Strugglin'

I'm wrangling with the first chapter still. This is due to a two-fold reason. One, no time, no time, no time, my friends, I got no time. I've barely had any writing time of late, to speak of, and not just from the ever-continuing work on Gunslingers either, but from general life stuff as well. Some days it's a juggling act just getting my ass a free moment or two to sit at the table, let alone squeezing out usable material. Two, I just haven't been that happy with the start I've got so far, so I've been distracted pondering what options I've got available to alleviate this general feeling of "almost." I've been considering what I've got written down currently, what's on deck next and what's coming up farther down the road over the course of these last few days, and the good news is, I think I've finally hit on the right mix... or at least, I have hit on the best section line-up/order/tone that I will be satisfied enough with that I can then move on from and finally kick this fucker off its training wheels, get it moving, and building up some steam.

I'll be hammering away on that tonight and Sunday, for all of you wondering about my schedule... Then, when it's in shape, I'm going to submit it to the Sparkleball Deathbunnies for our July 6th meeting and after that... I'm going to take a little submission sabbatical. I've decided to just work on this thing a bit (I'm anticipating Gunslingers being almost completely, if not totally done by this point... jinx...) and not submit any of the new book until I've got at least three or four chapters, or a hundred pages, under my belt, give or take, either or... I think a major part of the reason that I've been struggling with Chapter One of Bastard out of Minnesota, is that I've been working it for submission, which requires edits, instead of just writing out the first version and letting the chips fall where they may and then building off that initial out-pouring. I think the preconception of intent has been cock-blocking some free form happenstance and my creativity from hooking up and making something useful and interesting.

Maybe... again, we'll see. Fingers crossed.

The Conspiracy:

I really want this to work out, but its feeling shaky.

I'm going to contact Zander Cannon and talk about next time... well, first off, I plan on being on time... heh... but after that... I'm hoping we can organize something here and get it going. I know a writer or two who are also interested in playing, (as in: making comics for fun and who knows what else.) but they're waiting to see how it works out for me first. Also, I get the feeling that either the idea is kind of just between us (Zander and I), for the most part, OR that some of the artists fear both change and outsiders and are hesitant to open up to participating in something outside of their norm and are digging their feet in some, a trait very familiar to any and all well-entrenched Geek enclaves out there. ("AD&D? ...Fuck that noise!") And my feelings on that are, honestly, if the majority of them are not interested, well, I guess I'll take my ball and go home. Thats cool. Hopefully, though, it works out and we can get an introduction of intent and what not to happen or, at least, maybe a poll of the group as to whether or not they're really all that interested in the first place...

Another we'll see, I guess.

Huh... So yeah, man, I guess I'm feeling a little stagnant and frustrated, like my tires have been spinning in the mud here. I'm hoping this weekend will provide me with some traction.

We'll see... wish me luck.

Ah... comics...


Shawn Enderlin said...

yah, analysis paralysis, man - i have been in the thick of that lately! i like your idea of just banging out some shit and seeing what happens. i just did that and it helped a lot. i'm going to toss about half of it, but the rest totally showed me where to go.

zoey said...

99 pages to go!!