Friday, June 12, 2009


So, my Mom say to me: "Honey, I love your blog, you are so smart and amazing and good looking, (so true) but do you have to swear so much?"

To which I responded: "The fuck you talking about?" But all kidding aside, folks, for serious now, the answer is: Yes... yes, I do.

Anyway, my Mother has finished her decades long series of tiny, hesitant, little baby steps into the 21st century and now, finally, has a blog all of her own. In her spare time, my Mother runs private tour groups to Italy, as she is an accomplished guide, enthusiast, and local historian for all sorts of things Italian and has many, many contacts and friends there now, which affords her all kinds of unique opportunities to experience the "real" Italy... and for a low, low price, she can take you and your friends and loved ones with.

So go look at her blog.

My Mother's blog