Monday, June 1, 2009

The Date

Friends, readers, boob-enthusiasts, lend me your ears!

June 5th, 2010.

That is the day. The big day. The date is set, the hall is booked, and the plans are being made. Yes, that’s right, folks, in just over one year’s time, Little Ms. Super-Cute FiancĂ©e will become Little Ms. Super-Cute Wife. (Man! You all don't know how much I wish she had her PhD already, so she could be known as Dr. Girlfriend while there is still time. Ooooh.... cruel fate! I curse you! But I digress...)

Anyway... June 5th, 2010! The FUTURE!

You read that right, that’s the day that I am finally, officially, for good and forever, off the market, ladies. Sorry. Try to not damage your keyboard with your tears.

The bad news is, both my ideas for the ceremony were shot down.

I wanted our wedding to be different, to stand out, to have some "flavor." I wanted everyone on my side to come dressed as a some kind of superhero, whether it be one of their own design or an already established name, whatever. Meanwhile, Little Ms. Super-Cute’s side will all be dressed as “normals”, then, you thrown in some party crashing super-villians and WAA-LA! F. U. N. Fun.

In my mind, I imagine something akin to this:

But alas, it was not to be...

My second idea went as follows: During the dinner, the lights would suddenly go out! Panic, like a splash of cold water in the face! Bam! A gunshot in th dark! Screams! The lights come up and... gasp! One of the guests has been murdered! (not for real... maybe...) and then we would have a murder mystery event… made EVEN BETTER by the inclusion of guests dressed as superheroes! But no, this idea was denied as well, kyboshed like a motherfucker.

I was going to put an appropriate picture here showing a murder mystery party, but I couldn't find one to my liking, so... while I’m not sure what this picture is from exactly, it does looks like a butt load of fun is being had:

Anyway, we're going to have a normal wedding because apparently we are both "adults" so, this was just a little FYI to all you Jon and Ela fans out there. One year. One year and then it begins…Be there or be square... if you get invited, that is.

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