Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Conspiracy

Tonight is the second meeting of the Cartoonist Conspiracy that I will be attending, and while I may not be as ready as I would have liked to have been, I will have some things to hand out this time, should anyone be interested in drawing some of it. So thats some good news, and even better, I still have a few more ideas waiting in my pocket for next time. All together, I've got six or seven ideas in this group total and I tried to do something different with each one. Most surprising, perhaps, is that I didn't try do anything superhero related... maybe another time...

Anyway, tonight I will be attending with three samples.

1. The first one is the first six pages from my first comic script ever, entitled Scrappers. This is the story of a trio of thieves attempting to steal unexploded ordinance and scrap metal from a military live fire range in a dystopian future.

This is also, of course, the script that a sample page of which had been previously submitted to a, as of yet, unknown member of this very same group, and which then resulted in a visual abortion, a literal black hole of artistic skill, that I carry with me to this very day. As Green Arrow once said: "It still hurts when it rains." Ever hopeful for a better result and well known for having possession of a soaring sense of optimism as I am, I will not be daunted nor dissuaded and therefore I return again, ready to re-submit.

2. My second sample is the first three pages of a story called The Basement Monster, which is the story of a little girl and her two cats versus... well... the Basement Monster.

It's supposed to be a horror type thing, but really, I'm more interested in a skewed version of the secret world of children, the thrills and terrors they experience while the adults are doing the dishes or watching their stories or gathered on a porch sipping beers and BBQing. I imagine there will be a lot of found magic and wish-luck, not to mention the use of baseball bats as impromptu weapons.

3. Finally, the third and final submission this week is the first three pages of a Dragon apocalypse in the modern world story I have dubbed WyrmWorld. And that sentence pretty much sums it all up.

Humans versus Dragons. This will most likely concern all the things I wanted to happen in the movie Reign of Fire, but was denied. Also, it so cool looking visually and, God knows, I love a good Apocalypse.

So, I think there's a decent sample here and I'm pretty happy with the scripts, who knows, maybe something good will come out of it.

We'll see, stay tuned, Gentle Reader.


zoey said...

How'd it go? I love The Basement Monster story idea so much!

Jon said...

Terrible. I was late and they had already started a jam, so I was S.O.L. Better luck next time. Thats cool, though, they'll go back in the folder and I'll get the other ones ready for next time, as well.

And be on time.

I'll send you the scripts to check out. Interesting sidenote, I thought of you while putting together the Basement Monster.