Friday, May 29, 2009


Have you all seen the trailer for the movie 9?

If not, then let me assure you, it is wonderful. I don’t know where it came from, but it’s like someone crept into my head and stole one of my dreams. It looks amazing. Here, if you haven’t seen it, watch this, then come back… I'll wait...


Oooooooh... neat, right?

Originally this was a short film created by someone named Shane Acker, whom I have never heard of before now, but now know as someone who is most assuredly a mad genius. Now, the original short film was first created all the way back in aught-5 and it got nominated for an Oscar. It didn’t win. I’m not sure who actually did, but lets be honest, who cares? So anyway, flash-forward to now-ish and the short film has been picked up by Focus Films and adapted for feature length with Timur Bekmambetov, the Russian director behind such international extravaganzas as Nightwatch, Daywatch and Angelina Jolie’s Wanted, and Tim Burton, famous for the short film: Frankenweenie, as the Producers.

As far as I can tell from the awesome trailer, the story involves a bunch of sentient rag-dolls hiding from and fighting against a horde of evil robot rag-doll-killers amongst the towering, cataclysmic rubble of a post-apocalyptic world, a world where humanity is dead and gone. The dolls wear like, bird skull helmets and salt shaker masks and soup can armor and they fight the robots with halves of scissors as their swords and other scavenged stuff like that. It's like the filthy, hard-scrabbled, grim and demented version of The Littles that I always wanted as a kid. I mean, why bother carrying a sewing needle rapier if you're not going to use it to defend your within-the-walls homeland from an encroaching Rat Army during a vicious to the death battle? Seriously. Anyway, 9 looks genius. I am giddy with anticipation. Giddy, I say, giddy like a schoolgirl. Tee Hee!

Elijah Wood (The Faculty), Crispin Glover (River’s Edge), Christopher Plummer (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), John C. Reilly (Days of Thunder), and Jennifer Connelly (The Rocketeer) all lend their voices.

Release date: 9/9/09

Mark your calendars, folks.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am excited about this one. I personally like numbers 7 and 8, because they have a cool birdskull helmet and salt shaker mask respectively. This movie seems to have a nice, dark tone that I approve of. I hope the movie lives up to the trailer.

Jon said...

I am partial to 3 and 4 and their movie projector eyes, because wherever they go... its movie night.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I like helmets and sweet masks, as you already know.

Jon said...

I am totally with you there. The salt shaker mask in particular is pretty awesome. Throw in some bottle cap greives and a soup can lid shield... Love it.

I'm probably building it up too much, but I'm totally excited for this movie.