Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I’m not dead yet…

Hey there, constant readers, how’s it hanging?

Been awhile, hasn't it?

I know, I know, I wanted to try to blog something every week day too, but... Whoops. I bet you've been feeling a little lost over the course of these last few days, huh? A little alone, maybe? I bet you've been feeling more than a little bit abandoned as you checked and re-checked the blog, each time growing more and more disillusioned, more and more depressed.... Well, what can I say, except: I'm sorry. It wasn't on purpose. I still love you. It wasn't anything you said or did, not really... I mean, kind of, but you know, I've made peace with it, because that's just how you are. Its not really your fault, you were born like that. But I digress...

Anyway... so where was I all this time? I was out of town. I was snowed in and too far away to blog. Also, I didn’t really want to out of general laziness, but fear not, cats and kittens, I am now back, safe and sound and full of piss and wind and ready to blog again.

On the daily google search blog front, I am pleased to announce that while "Billy Joel" still holds the number one spot with the ease and self assurance of a true King born, second place is up for grabs as the various iterations of "big, braless boobs" are getting soundly smacked around by "Natalie Portman's butt."

Hows that for a visual?

Otherwise, not too much to report here. Today's note is just a quick one, nothing too special, just letting you know that I'm still alive. Tonight is my writer’s group. I’m excited for that, because we’ve had a few weeks here between our meetings due to other commitments and what not and it will be nice to get back to it. I don’t have anything up for critique this time, but perhaps I will for the next meeting because my schedule is going to be clearing up a bit in the near future... Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell. I haven’t started on chapter 2 of Book 2 yet, mostly due to the unexpected but enjoyable distraction of my first comic book script, but its getting to be about that time, you know?

Speaking of comic book scripts, tomorrow is the 2nd to last meeting of my graphic novel writing class, which is the main reason my schedule will be clearing up, and its going to be pretty cool because tomorrow is also the day that I will be getting back the drawn and lettered page from my comic script. I am very excited for this. I hope it doesn’t suck. You all will find out Thursday night or so, unless of course, it is a horrid, abject failure… but barring such an unspeakably terrible turn of events, I will post it here. Fingers crossed.

Other than that… I’m back at work, so that means I’ll be back on a more regular blog schedule over the next few days and to celebrate this…


Holy Crap!

Ah.... huh... hi... you sure are pretty... huh, huh... so pretty... (faint)

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Shawn Enderlin said...

the best part about this post was that while viewing it in Google Reader i couldn't see anything below the 'WOAH' so i read the whole thing before scrolling down to find - hey what happnd to mmy eyesighh?t