Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beautiful boobs, braless and bouncing and bigger than your head!

First off, let me just start out by apologizing right off the bat for what many of you will no doubt consider to be false advertising. Try to guess as to what I refer. I mean, first off, come on, “bigger than your head” really is subjective and often… a little too veiny, am I right? Secondly, I don’t plan on posting any big boob pictures, at least today that is... Now mostly, this is because I generally prefer the smaller ones myself, more than a handful and all that jazz, but also because that’s not really the point of this particular blog, so, yeah… Some false advertising… but oh well. Excuuuuuuuse me…

So anyway, do you know what the number one Google-searched phrase is that brings random strangers from all around the world to my blog?

Billy Joel

Followed closely by:

Billy Joel Vienna.

Third place, of course, with a bullet, goes to the man, the myth, the legend:

Nathan Fillion.

But back to my point… Billy Joel. What the hell, man? I mean, while I appreciate the fact that if some random guy in Taiwan should suddenly wonder what the lyrics to Vienna are, he can not only find that out here, but he can also spend some time looking at Natalie Portman's butt, that's great, but in the end, what does it say about the general risqué factor of my blog?

SO... In an effort to bring my hit count up in a more Internet-respectable kind of way. I have decided to start “peppering” my blogs with sexy, sexual and/or dirty words. So from now on, (VAGINA) you will occasionally run across these minor interruptions and all I ask is that you bare with me as we enter this next phase of our development, as we attempt to take my blog… to the next level (GIRL WITHOUT UNDERWEAR).

So, anyway, today is class number four and I am really excited to go as I’m ready to show off the first 14-ish pages of script that is the first issue of my very first comic book. I didn’t utilize my work time too wisely last night, though, so I barely got any work done and didn't finish the book, (SEXUAL INTERCOURSE) but that’s alright, because I plotted it out, so now I definitely know what its doing for the last 9 or so pages and I even have some strong ideas for further issues… hmmm… maybe I’ll make it a side project…

Probably not, though, as I don’t think I have the time right now and time is something that you simply must have if you want to self publish a comic, (which just might be an even bigger waste of your time and your ideas than even self-publishing a novel might be…) but regardless, it is nice to think about maybe doing this at some point and also to sit down and write something in that odd visualization technique, sequential art, story-telling kind of way that is writing comics (BODACIOUS TATAS).

I’m actually really excited to get a page of my book drawn by someone. I hope it looks good. If so, like I said, I will post it here for all to see. I was even thinking, if it turns out to be even halfway decent, I may splurge a little bit and have it framed. What can I say? I’m excited (ERECTION).

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