Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alone again, naturally...

I'm at work.

All by myself. Alone in a sea of cubicles. The late shift. The good news is that this is the last one of these 11-8 late shifts for a good long while, or at least, for the foreseeable future. The bad news is that it usually starts out as a week day where you get to sleep in and ends with two hours of unsupervised free money, a time to fart at will and peruse risque websites, now gone. Of course, some even worse news might be: Being all alone in an office building at night is usually how horror films start... Thank God I'm only Man-pretty, instead of sexy Co-ed pretty or I'd be fucked.

So, as I glance suspiciously over my shoulder and down the silent row of cubes... was that the janitor? Hmmm... oh well, anyway, not much else going on. Did you all take some time yesterday to gaze upon the ethereal nudie beautie that is Katie West? God, I love her. I mean come on, she takes naked pictures of her and her one friend... naked! ...Sounds like Art to me.

Last night was my last comic book class and all in all, the one great, shining, single horrible disappointment aside, I'd have to give the class an over-all thumbs up. Also, good news for you jealous of me and my life types, I happen to know that there is another one coming next year, so if you live in the area and you have always wanted to talk comics, learn comics and write comics one night a week for six weeks in a row and all for the low, low price of about a single C-note or so, then man, let me tell ya, this class was practically made for you. It's a real good time and Zander did a good job... so if you're interested, yes, check it out. It's totally worth it.

So basically all y'all cats and kittens, it should go without saying that good geeks always support each other, so if you see something out there by Zander Cannon, ( then you should pick it up, as not only is he pretty talented pencil-wise but he has also put some pretty interesting stuff out there. Plus, he has a great name. I almost wish I didn't know him and then I could use his name in a story with creative impunity, because Zander Cannon sounds like some kind of seventies super-spy or something, right? I wonder if he ever wears turtlenecks and a blazer? Hmmmm...

Oh, I almost forgot. I am sad to announce the toppling of an empire... yes, Billy Joel has fallen from his throne, he has been cast down to smote his ruin on the mountainside and he has taken Natalie Portman's butt with him. Last night began the reign of "Big, beautiful boobs braless" after finally, somewhere in the wilds of far off china, some guy really, really wanted to see some large and unfettered titty.

Instead he found me.


The downside of such unintentionally hilarious international Internet shenanigans is, of course, the felling of a giant. With Billy Joel's downfall passes a golden age here at my blog... A time that will surely be fondly remembered in story and in song by our children and our children's children, the tale of long ago and the time of Billy Joel Vienna and his Queen, Natalie Portman's Butt.

The King is Dead, long live the King!

Moving on, Monday will mark a good day hopefully, as I have submitted my 750 word short, short story for the Sparkle Ball Death Bunnies (formerly These Precedes Knees) to critique and I am excited to hear their feedback. Once they're done, I'm planning to submit the story to a webpage that pays that I read about here:

If any of you, my faithful readers, feel like churning something out, you should get to it. We could be on there together! Yippie-skippie! Sure, sure, its not that much money (up to $37.50!) but that's not really the point. It'll be fun, come on. All its has to be is a 750 word or less story of bad-ass speculative fiction. Come on, you can do that in your sleep!

Get to work!

Hmmm... maybe I should too...

Oh! Why hello there...

So... Live long and prosper indeed, pretty lady....

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