Friday, March 20, 2009

My weekend plans...

I racked my brains for something of substance to blog about today, since I met my self-imposed Le Sexy Ladies quota yesterday, but unfortunately I came up blank. So, in the absence of anything real or at the very least, some shapely boobies... you get a list... or more specifically, a list of my weekend plans.

Now, this list will not include the stuff like going to happy hour tonight with Little Ms Supercute Girlfriend and her friends or having to go to a charity Bingo event on Saturday. (where hopefully I will win $1000) It also will not include any of the mundane usual household chore stuff like laundry or dishes or my weekend shift at the store. No, this is a list mostly for my own benefit, to be honest, and mainly concerned with only my writing.

1. I need to finish dicking around with Chapter One. Its going to get a last pass through and then it is time for me to move on the next chapter and kick my writing ass back into high gear. Before that happens though, I will need to hammer out a bit of an outline or, more appropriately, a list of things that have to happen for the first six or seven chapters or so. Nothing set in stone, just a guide so that I can keep it all straight and on target.

2. I need to read the article one of the Twin Star Copy Editor Sukiyaki Death Squad Girls wrote and sent me. I also need to read and respond to the first draft of what will eventually become the first episode of the new on-line comic currently being created by my friend and yours, the number one helper himself, The Dandy Prussian Officer: Monsieur Fancy-pants. Always a pleasure. I also need to read and respond to the current These Preceeds Knees submissions in preparation for our next meeting coming up on the 9th.

3. I also intend to write my own comic, a 22 page one-shot complete with visual guide, by the next meeting of my class on Wednesday. It’s a tad ambitious, I know, but I think I can pull it off since the story is pretty well formed in my head. Its inspired by an article I read awhile back about people who illegally blitz those big desert military artillery ranges in a wild hunt for all the spent casings and bomb fragments that litter the sand, in order to sell the scrap metal. Then I’ll add in some superpowers, a fascist corporate power structure and a dystopian near-future setting and WHAM! Stick. Fork. Done. Baby.

4. Have sex. A To-Do list mainstay.

And that’s about it. Thats all the news that’s fit to print from me this week. I have a generally busy weekend ahead, but I remain optimistic and focused. See you all Monday!

Wish me luck!

Ah… what the hell….

Hi Shannon!

Man... you are cute! Whats the matter? Are you kind of sad? Or maybe just a bit put out is all? No? You hanging out? Chilling? You look relaxed, thats for sure. Looks like you got your bra stuck in your finger there, sweetie. Was that on purpose or was it just a happy accident? I'd like to think it was an accident that we can all enjoy, but in my heart I think I know better.

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