Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Dream Home

Surviving the various Apocalypses that loom ahead (Super Volcano, Wandering Black Hole, Killer Asteroid, Flooding, Zombie, Dragon, Nuclear, etc.) is going to be no easy task. Basically, all you can do is prepare. And as I get older, in an attempt to meet those threats head on, I have begun to seek out my...


It was a short search, as I present to you....


A Very Special Dream of a potential Residential Project from Blue Sky
These types of properties are aimed at individuals who are seeking the ultimate in home security, personal space and personal security in a way never before achievable.
This designed to be built at a declassified ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) launch facility buried two hundred feet into the Kansas (USA) countryside. Built for the American military to withstand a direct nuclear attack, this facility originally cost the US Government tens of millions of dollars to construct and fit out. De-commissioning of these sites followed the end of the cold war hostilities to conform to Treaty Agreement with the former Soviet Union which continues to up the present day. The World’s End facility has remained unused and in mothballs until now.

With an innovative approach, this once unusable space can become an appealing and attractive proposition for use as a home for those people who are keen and interested in their personal safety and security. Equally the facility can be used for commercial purposes, research or storage of valuable items, company files, records, art treasures etc in this hermetically sealed environment.
As can be imagined, gaining entrance into is practically impossible with walls up to fifteen feet thick of heavily re-enforced concrete and steel, blast doors up to six feet thick and up to 150 tonnes in weight buried up to 200ft deep underground into the surrounding countryside.

Here is a small taste of what lays beneath Terra-firma……
The silo itself runs 200ft directly into the earth with a 50 foot diameter allowing for up to fourteen floor levels of varying height in the complex. More than enough room for entertaining space, personal gym, private cinema, swimming pool, additional accommodation space and vast amounts of secure, private and hermetically sealed areas for your own enjoyment or commercial use.

There's even a spot for my Helicopter! Its like they designed it just for me... Too bad it's in Kansas... gross.

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