Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Man Crush

So, if there’s one thing I’m known for, it is my pure, undeniable, unadulterated manliness. You should see me open a can of pickles, it is a moment truly worthy of song and legend. It is a moment where, for that briefest of instances, you’d swear you were gazing upon the face of Hercules himself.

Hercules! Hero of song and story! Hercules, winner of ancient glory! Fighting for the right, fighting with his might with the strength of ten ordinary men! Hercules, people are safe when near him! Hercules, only the evil fear him! Softness in his eyes, iron in his thighs, virtue in his heart, fire in every part of the Mighty Hercules!

Anyway, it is the both the blessing and the curse of such manly men, men such as myself, that there is never a shortage of ladies around and today I wondered: Do they appreciate Le sexy ladies the same way I do? Some may, it's true, but then, if pressed would I characterize the majority of my female readership as most likely lesbian or at the very least, lesbian leaning? (Lesbian leaning? Must be quittin' time. Who's up for a brewski?) Hmmm.... maybe not, but still, even if it were true that my blog catered almost exclusively to the tastes shared by both myself and the lesbian community, I would still assume that there would be at least a few non-lesbian readers. That's not too much to ask for is it? Just a FEW non-lesbians? And far be it from me to alienate any of my readership, no matter how small or ultimately powerless to affect any kind of change on this blog one way or another (because it's mine... hence the title)

So then another thought occurred to me: Jon, this thought went, it is obvious that you possess a deep, deep well of love for Le sexy ladies, a well who's depths plunge far past your testicles, it is much deeper then an ocean of violets so blue and is as immeasurable as Space itself... This is NOT a mystery. No, the true mystery is: Who is your Man Crush?

And that is an easy one!

The answer? Nathan Fillion.

Duh! Duh-duh-DUH! Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh!

He is dreamy...

I don’t think that’s gay.

So who is this Nathan Fillion, you ask? Well, if I have to tell you, I honestly don’t think we are friends. Nathan Fillion? Captain Malcolm Reynolds? Captain Hammer: Corporate Tool? Caleb the Evil Preacher? Sheriff Bill Pardy? The wrong Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan?
(… a dim light bulb of recognition kicks on: “…oh yeah… that guy…”)

Basically, Nathan Fillion is awesomeness in (usually) brown pants. (Coincidence? Hmmm... a question for a later day...) Anyway, if you see something with Nathan Fillion in it, you should definitely watch it, as everything goes better with a little Fillion.

He’s the new Han Solo.

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Anonymous said...

Nathan Fillion is awesome! But that first picture you posted is terrible. Guess it really proves are aren't gay. By the way, if this is to be a series (Man Crushes) to try to appeal to us non-lesbian women types, or just in general because the topic is oh so interesting, I suggest you develop a man crush on Javier Bardem. I have some pictures of him I could send you to post. He's wearing only a hat.... here's the kicker, not in the usual place hats are worn! Woo!